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At Bigelow Flooring, we love to stay up-to-date with the latest in flooring design and technology — and we’re looking at some exciting new trends in flooring for 2019! Here are some beautiful designs and materials to consider for your 2019 flooring upgrade:

1. Environmentally-friendly materials

Environmentally-conscious homeowners will be choosing environmentally-friendly flooring and recycled materials for their floors this year. Cork, bamboo, reclaimed wood and engineered wood are all excellent options and have a range of other benefits, like low maintenance and comfort on the feet.

2. Mosaic bathroom tiles

Creating a sense of drama and making the floor the focal point is a big trend in bathrooms this year. Instead of plain bathroom tiles, more homeowners are choosing mosaics to add a little bit of wow factor! You can choose to stay simple with a white mosaic, or create some contrast with a black and white mosaic tile floor. Think subway tiles, small squares, herringbone and chevron. You can also consider these options for the shower and bathroom walls.

3. Wood-look tiles

We would never recommend wood flooring for the bathroom or laundry room, but wood-look tiles are a great, moisture-resistant option if you love the look of wood. With new advancements in technology, wood-look tiles are looking more and more realistic and come in a range of colours and styles to mimic certain wood species.

4. Grey hardwood & blanched wood

Grey has been a popular colour for home decor for a few years now, and it will continue into 2019 with grey hardwood floors. Grey hardwoods look great with a modern kitchen and complement other decor like brushed stainless steel and tinted glass.

Elsewhere in the home, such as living areas, we’re expecting to see more homeowners choose a blanched wood look for their floors. Blanched wood creates a whitewashed look and makes the grain of the wood stand out — it’s a nice choice for farmhouse or beach-style decor. For both grey and blanched wood floors, expect to see matte finishes and low gloss.

5. Patterned tiles

Patterned tiles, like encaustic tiles, are an easy way to add some personality and art to your floors. Encaustic tiles mimic the look of concrete but are made of porcelain, with a nice patterned look that requires less maintenance than concrete. With wide variations in colours and patterns, they are the perfect choice for any home and any decor style — they even make great kitchen backsplashes.

The team at Bigelow Flooring is always happy to help with all of your flooring needs! Come visit our showroom or contact us to get started on your new flooring project.

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