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If you’re looking to do a bit of decorating this spring in your Guelph home, look no further than these popular colours for spring 2016!

Buttercup yellow – Nothing says spring like a shot of yellow! Buttercup is about halfway between a canary yellow and a golden yellow, and it goes well with lots of other colours, like fuchsia. It’s perfect as an accent colour or as the main event.

• Lilac grey – Undoubtedly one of the biggest spring colour trends this year is lilac grey. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a mix of grey and lilac purple, giving your space a warm and soft feeling.

• Soft blue – Egg shell or sky blues are perfect for this season, and great if you want something a little more toned down than buttercup. It gives your space a bit more of a cool feel, but consider using it for a beachy or seaside feel.

• Peach – Peach is another great colour for the beachy decor look! It’s warmer than soft blues, so mixing the two is a great spring combination. Go for a peachy colour that’s a little more on the coral side to stay on trend.

 Rose – If you’re a fan of the metallic trend this year, we definitely recommend rose as a base colour! It softens up the harshness of metallics and is a really calming colour for any space.

Love these colours? Check out some of our tips for monochrome decorating!

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