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Does your Guelph home see a lot of foot traffic? Check out these flooring options for busy households that will stand up to a lot of wear-and-tear.

• Cork

Cork flooring is not only durable, it’s also environmentally-friendly – like bamboo! As long as you’re not regularly walking on your cork floor with high heels, cork flooring can last a long time and can rebound from a lot of day-to-day use.

• Hardwood

Depending on the hardness of the wood you choose, hardwood is very durable and is a long-lasting option for flooring. Make sure you properly maintain it to keep it in its best shape and get the most use out of it.

• Laminate

Laminate is probably the best choice when it comes to high traffic homes. Laminate flooring is made from several layers that protect it from anything from dog claws to high heels. It also stands up really well to sunlight and moisture.


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