The Most Common Flooring Mistakes When Selling Your Home

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Whenever homeowners decide to sell, they’re often faced with the reality that they need to make a few upgrades here and there to get the selling price they’re after. It’s all about making a great impression on potential homebuyers.

And one of the first things homebuyers notice in the home is the floors. Because floors are a big investment and a big part of your home, it’s important to plan ahead and upgrade your floors well before your home goes on the market.

If you are planning on selling your home and updating your floors beforehand, try to avoid these common mistakes – and make your home more attractive to homebuyers!

The DIY Option

One of the most common flooring mistakes people make when selling their home is the DIY route. This is often the result of lack of planning and trying to save a buck or two, but it can have disastrous consequences. Installing flooring – whether it’s hardwood, carpet, tile or any other type – is a complicated and specialized process. Doing it yourself can result in an uneven and messy finish, which you’ll likely spend even more money trying to fix.

Poor Colour Choice

Some colours and types of floors adhere to very specific tastes, so try to choose a floor that will appeal to a wide range of people. Dark red hardwood floors can be particularly polarizing, and some more blonde hardwoods can be unpopular. When you choose your floor, consult a professional to find out what some of the more popular options for colours are, and go from there.

Mismatched Flooring

You should think of your home as a cohesive whole. While not every room has to have the same type of floor, it should all blend together. Pay special attention to open plan areas, and make sure you’re not choosing a different type of floor for every room. Make sure whatever you choose flows throughout the home.

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