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Turn on any HGTV program or open any home decor magazine and you’ll almost certainly see a kitchen, living room or bedroom – or entire house – decorated in a modern farmhouse style. Modern farmhouse style usually mixes rustic elements with modern amenities, and it’s a great look for any space. Here’s how to choose the right floor for this style.

• Decide how rustic you want it to be

The best part about the modern farmhouse style is that you can choose to lean more toward modern or more toward the rustic side of the style – whatever suits you best. So before you choose a flooring style, decide how rustic you want your space to be. If you’re going to have lots of distressed furniture and accents, you might want to balance it with a more modern, less distressed floor. If your furniture is going to be a touch more modern, you can go with a more rustic floor.

• Colour is key

Just as it’s important to balance the rustic and the modern with this style, it’s also important to balance colours. One of the most-loved aspects of the modern farmhouse style is a white kitchen, so you’ll probably want to choose a darker floor to balance the space. If you’re trying to balance darker furniture, try a grey or stark white wood floor for a really dramatic farmhouse look.

• Flooring material

There are lots of options for flooring when it comes to the modern farmhouse style. One of the most common is hardwood, whether you choose an engineered hardwood with a distressed feel, a handscraped hardwood or a natural hardwood with a smoother look, all are great options. Some other options for farmhouse flooring are natural stone tiles, ceramic tiles, brick tiles and laminate.

• Accessorize

The key to bringing together any style is to focus on the details. Accessorize your floors with rugs throughout your home to really bring the modern farmhouse style to life. This will also soften the look if you are choosing lots of harder materials for your floors, and make the space feel cozy and authentic.

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