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As another year winds down, we’re starting to look ahead to 2018 — and we’re really excited about the new hardwood flooring trends! Here are the top five flooring trends for 2018:

1. Dark & Cool Tones

We’ve seen dark hardwood floors in the past, but this trend is not going away — in fact, it’s set to be an even bigger trend in 2018. Dark floors require more maintenance than lighter floors, so expect to see these colours in households with empty nesters or households without children. We’re also seeing a shift in tones from dark reds and browns to cooler tones like dark greys and black hardwood.

2. Greys & Whites

Grey was one of the hottest colours of 2017, and it won’t be going anywhere next year. From hardwoods to tiles to walls, greys are going to be even bigger in 2018. Many homeowners are turning to vinyl plank tiles that mimic wood to get this look, and others are opting to have their existing wood floors refinished or whitewashed to get this trending look.

3. Natural Finishes

Say goodbye to high gloss floors, which can give a dated look to your wood. Instead, matte and satin finishes will provide your flooring with a  modern appearance and will be easier to maintain. A natural finish will look better for longer, and won’t need to be refinished as often as a high-gloss or semi gloss flooring.

4. Environmentally-Friendly Finishes

Homeowners are becoming increasingly environmentally-conscious, and this is becoming a trend in hardwood finishes. High-grade polyurethanes are a popular choice for their durability and environmental benefits — especially waterborne polyurethanes. Instead of using oil-based polyurethane, more people are choosing to oil their floors to give them a richer and more natural look.

5. Solid Hardwoods

While engineered hardwoods and bamboo are great choices, more homeowners are preferring to choose solid woods. Solid wood is typically more expensive, but you get what you pay for. These types of flooring are long-lasting and add huge resale value to your home.

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