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If you’ve ever had tile flooring, chances are you’ve also had dirty grout. It’s just a fact of life that happens to all of us! We have a lot of products here at Bigelow Flooring that can help you maintain your grout from day one. But if it’s already too dirty, try these tips for re-painting it!

• Buy the right colour grout paint. Try to avoid white–going for a darker colour will be better for covering stains.
• You’ll need a foam brush about the same width as your grout. We recommend foam over other kinds of brushes because it won’t leave behind any loose hairs.
• Clean the grout surface before painting. Use a grout or tile cleaner, because this will remove any mold or mildew that’s present on your grout.
• If you’re a messy painter or don’t have a steady hand, you might want to use painter’s tape to cover the edges of your tiles.
• Work in small, manageable sections and use long brush strokes.
• Try not to walk on the areas until they’re completely dry.

Talk to us if you need more tips about maintaining and cleaning your tile grout!

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