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We get worried about whether children are going to scratch the hardwood or stain the carpet but we don’t focus very often on finding the perfect way to protect the flooring from our children. Here are three simple alternatives to scratched floors:

• Easy to cover both hardwood or carpet
• Easily removable if a style change is needed or it needs to be washed
• Comes in multiple shapes, sizes and colours
• Adds a unique sense of decoration to the room

Soft Tiles
• They are colourful, choose the colours you want or brighten up the room with multiple colours combined
• Easy to pack up and move around the house to other rooms
• Good for younger toddlers (to play and safer)
• Easy to remove and clean

Soft Hardwood Tiles
• Softer so it is safer for children
• Easy to clean
• Simple palette so easily matches what’s around it
• Doesn’t scratch the floors under it

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