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A lot of heavy-duty work goes on in your laundry room on a regular basis, whether it’s a laundry-only room or combined with another room. In terms of functionality and looks, the best options for laundry room flooring are ceramic tile and luxury vinyl. Here’s why:

1) Water resistance – both of these options stand up to water, which is the most important factor when choosing a floor for your laundry room. Choosing ceramic tile and luxury vinyl tile means any moisture or water spills won’t damage your floor with stains or warping, and clean up is easy.

2) Durability – We all want beautiful floors throughout our homes, but sometimes those floors aren’t appropriate for each room. Washing machines can be pretty tough on your floor, so you want to make sure they can stand up to the abuse. Ceramic and luxury vinyl tile are also great choices for high traffic, and they won’t wear down after years of use.

3) Variety – Both of these flooring options come in a wide range of colours, textures and patterns, so you can easily match your decor style and personality.

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