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As homeowners, our floors are a big investment and a huge part of our homes, so we want them to last a long time. These are the best ways to make your floors last longer.


Your floors will not stand up to everyday use if you don’t maintain them regularly. Whether you have hardwood, carpet, vinyl, linoleum or ceramic tiles, regular cleaning is absolutely essential to keeping them looking their best. Depending on the type of floor you have, make sure to follow the manufacturers’ maintenance instructions.

Protect Your Floors

Hardwood floors often come with a sealant to protect them from everyday wear and tear, and most other flooring materials also have some protectant built into their top layer for protection. For hardwood, make sure you get your floors refinished if they are starting to look really beat up.

Clean the Grout

If your floor has grout, it’s important to keep this maintained just as much as the floor itself. Look for a grout sealer and seal it on a regular basis to protect it from water and stains.

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