How to Use Marble Flooring in Your Home

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Marble has a bit of a reputation for being cold and overly ornate – not at all in line with modern design. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Incorporate marble into your home the right way, including marble flooring.

• Marble is a great material for a fireplace that will really make a statement
• Marble backsplashes are easy to clean and a great statement piece
• Marble is a perfect choice for a relaxing, spa-like bathroom
• Use marble flooring for a formal entryway
• If choosing marble accessories, like a set of lamps with marble bases, less is definitely more
• Marble countertops for your kitchen or bathroom
• Balance a marble floor with a natural wood floor in an adjoining room

Choosing marble for your Guelph home? Make sure you know how to clean it!

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