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Planning a kitchen renovation is an exciting time for any homeowner. Make sure your kitchen design looks classic and flawless with these tips for matching your kitchen flooring to your kitchen cabinets.

1) Style

Make sure you’re not choosing two different styles for your floor and for your cabinets. If you’re interested in contemporary cabinets, go for a floor material with clean lines. If your cabinets have a lot of texture and colour, make sure your floor does too.

2) Colour

Designing a kitchen with light cabinets and dark counters? Go for a darker floor to balance it. If your kitchen design uses a lot of different colours or tones, try to pick up the darkest one with your floor.

3) Size

If your kitchen will be contemporary, you should choose a tile or wood plank that’s on the larger side to match that aesthetic. Farm kitchens go well with a smaller tile.

4) Pattern

If you’ve got your eye on a beautiful tile with detailed pattern, you might not want to choose contemporary cabinets as these can clash. Stick with a traditional style cabinet or even a patterned cabinet.

Bring your whole Guelph kitchen together with a beautiful backsplash! 

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