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Planning a kitchen renovation? With all of the decisions that have to be made, it can be tricky to match your brand new tile floor to your beautiful new granite countertops. Here are some of our tips!

• Choose a colour scheme beforehand. We recommend choosing three key colours (two main and one accent). Colour charts are a great resources for choosing colours that go well together if you’re unsure!

• Always choose your countertop first, regardless of the material it’s made of. Especially when you’re choosing things like granite and marble, this will be the most expensive part of your kitchen, so you don’t want to think of it as a secondary piece of your kitchen.

• When you’ve chosen your countertop, try and get a sample of it. You can take this with you when shopping for flooring! It’s a good idea to try and coordinate the finish of the countertop to the floor you choose.

• You can choose to coordinate the colour of the countertop with the floor colour and have the secondary colour be that of your cabinets. Or, you can match the countertop and cabinetry and use the flooring choice as the contrast!

• Your countertop is probably going to have the most variation in colour, so use it! For example, choosing a blue marble countertop with gold and cream undertones means that a gold-like or cream flooring tile is a beautiful complementary choice!

• You can also choose to match the dominant colour in your countertop with the floor tile, instead of using one of the undertones. This is made even more beautiful by choosing a contrasting colour for your cabinets!

Still not sure? Bring in your samples and we’ll be happy to help you choose the right colour floor for your beautiful new kitchen!

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