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With the resurgence in mid-century modern decor in the past few years, lots of Guelph homeowners are choosing to replicate this look in their own homes. Make sure your home has the genuine mid-century modern look by choosing these midcentury modern flooring options:

• Natural stone tile

Whether you choose slate, terrazzo, bluestone or travertine, you’re guaranteed to get a mid-century modern vibe from natural stone floors. If you’re choosing a slate tile, go towards greys or sand colours, to avoid it looking too cottage-y. Whatever type of stone you choose, make sure your floor has a matte finish to complete the look.

• Cork or hardwood

Cork was a popular choice back in the 1950s and 60s, and it’s still popular today. Just make sure you’re not using it in a room with too much exposure to sunlight or moisture. If you’re going for hardwood, pick a subtle grain in a medium tone. Mid-century modern is defined by its light, airiness, so a wood like maple will be perfect.

• Carpet

Choosing a carpet for your mid-century modern decor can be fun – you have the option to stay neutral with creams and other light colours, or choose something bold and bright!

• Laminate or linoleum

Get the look of hardwood without the price-tag and with more durability. They come in contemporary designs, which is perfect for the mid-century modern feel.

Interested in one of these great options? Contact us for a flooring quote for your new midcentury modern flooring!

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