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As a homeowner, you have lots of choices for flooring throughout your home. Choosing the right floor for specific areas of your home can make it more comfortable, beautiful and functional.

If you’ve never considered nylon carpet for your bedrooms, basements and living spaces, here’s why you should:

1. Stain-resistant

One of the main reasons people opt for non-carpet flooring options is the belief that carpet is a magnet for stains. Nylon carpet, however, is a stain-resistant flooring option, making it the perfect choice for homeowners with young children and pets. Many nylon carpets are protected with stain treatments to ensure that they do not absorb stains.

2. Resilient

Some carpets don’t age well and become flat after a few months or years of foot traffic. Nylon, however, has a unique property that helps it bounce back: hydrogen. When you steam clean a nylon carpet, the heat and water reactivate the hydrogen molecules, bringing the carpet back to life and looking like new again.

3. Affordable

Nylon carpet is available at almost any price point and for any budget. It can be an affordable flooring choice, but there are also higher priced nylon carpets available on the market. Paying a higher price for nylon carpet can also be beneficial in the long run, as they last longer than other types of carpet.

4. Recycled options

For the environmentally-conscious, nylon carpet also comes in a recycled option. These recycled options are a combination of nylon and other fibres, but aren’t typically labelled as nylon. However, they have the same warranties and longevity that other nylon carpets are known for.

5. Pretty patterns

Whatever flooring you choose, you want it to look great, and nylon is one of the best looking types of carpet available. Available in a wide range of colours and beautiful patterns, you can purchase from Bigelow and have us  bind your chosen material into area rugs to add some colour or texture to an entryway or dining room.

If you have questions about nylon or other types of carpet, contact us to speak to one of our knowledgeable flooring experts. Or visit Bigelow Flooring’s showroom to see our selection in person.

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