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One of the biggest trends in flooring this year is set to be parquet flooring. It adds dimension and depth to any room!

And the good news is that parquet flooring isn’t limited to hardwood flooring! Try parquet flooring in these materials:

1) Laminate
2) Solid wood
3) Vinyl
4) Linoleum

Wood and laminate are the most popular materials for parquet flooring because of the varying colours, shades and textures that these materials contain. The small size of the parquet tiles, as well as the constantly alternating direction of the tiles, combines with these materials to create a really stunning effect.

You can choose to go for a more natural look with wood and laminates that mimic wood, or you can go for something really modern and out-there with vinyl and linoleum!

With parquet flooring, the possibilities are endless! Thinking about going with laminate parquet flooring in your Guelph home? Here’s why you should:

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