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At Bigelow Flooring, we love pebble tiles. They look great in almost any space, and add such great texture and an unconventional look. Check out some of our suggestions for incorporating pebble tiles into your home.


One of the most obvious applications for pebble tiles is the bathroom. Because they look like river rocks, they make a great bathroom floor. They come in such a huge range of colours that you’re bound to find a tile that matches your space! Sea greens are perfect for bathroom pebble tiles.

If pebble tile is too much for you for the whole floor, try just using it in your walk-in shower. It looks great as a shower floor, or run it up the walls of your shower in a pattern to create a bit of visual interest.


Incorporate pebble tiles into your kitchen the traditional way–on the floor–or use it as a backsplash. Use a pebble tile with darker shades to make it super modern, or use a lighter shade to make it more rustic.

If you want pebble tiles but don’t want it for your whole floor, use it as a border between hardwood and natural stone tiles.

Living Room

Pebble tiles in your living room? Really? Yes, really! Pebble tiles are a fantastic choice if you’re going for an ultra rustic, cottage-style but ultra chic living room. Or use them as an accent piece on your fireplace.

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