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During renovations big or small, floors become very susceptible to damage. Whether your floor is new or old, you should protect it as much as you can! We’ve put together some ways you can protect your floor during home improvement projects.

If you don’t need as much strength to protect your floor and want to save money, cardboard is a good option. It won’t protect floor from heavy material or things dropping, but it’s an affordable material that will give an added layer on top of your floor.

Roslin Paper is heavier than construction paper and cardboard, but is still fairly light. It will provide a sturdy top layer to your floor that is safe for ladders and tool boxes. Most home improvement stores will even cut it to the right shape for you.

Untempered hardboard is thicker and harder than roslin paper, which may be necessary for more intense renovations. It’s extremely durable and will keep the floor very safe.

Plastic is good for renovations involving wet materials. It will protect your floor from things like drywall and paint, but not much else. If you’re only doing some patching and painting, plastic will get the job done.

During any home improvement, assess the situation before deciding what materials you need to protect your floor. Your needs will completely depend on the type of renovations that are happening.

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