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Guelph homeowners know how hot and humid our Southern Ontario summers can be – and unfortunately, often the heat and humidity don’t get left at the door. Whether you’ve just had new floors installed or want to keep your older floors better maintained, here are our favourite ways to protect your floors this summer.

Install Blinds & Curtains

During the summer, it’s not just the heat and humidity that can cause damage, but the light can too. While you should make the most of natural light in your home, you should be careful with any direct sunlight that hits your floors. Direct sunlight has the potential to discolour or fade certain flooring materials, so keeping them closed during this time of the day is a good way to keep them looking new.

Use Doormats

We’re pretty big advocates for using doormats at entryways throughout the year, but especially during the summer and winter months. Because you want to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather as much as possible, you’re likely using these entryways more often than normal. Plus, mud, dirt, sand and other debris can end up on the bottom of your shoes and cause damage and scratching to hardwood. Keep doormats at each entryway and make sure you use them!

Lower the Humidity

Moisture can cause a lot of damage to floors, from hardwood to laminate. Warping and cupping are typical signs of too much humidity. If your home is too humid, consider purchasing a dehumidifier to keep the humidity between 35 and 55 percent. Just make sure you switch to a humidifier in the winter, as dry air can also cause damage like cracking and splitting.

One of the keys to keeping your floors looking new and in great shape is to clean them regularly. Find out how often you should be cleaning your floors – no matter what type of floor you have!


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