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There’s nothing worse than buying a brand new floor, just to have it get scratched up the moment you move your furniture into the space. There are lots of options for protecting your floors from furniture, so there’s no reason it should be a concern! Here are some of our favourites.

• Felt pads
You’re probably most familiar with these floor pads. You can buy them pretty much anywhere, and they’re not expensive. Most felt pads have an adhesive backing, so you just stick them onto the legs of your furniture and voila! They’re especially good for hardwood, and they glide easily.

• Cork pads
Cork pads are probably best used for furniture you don’t want to move around too often, especially if you’re using them on hardwood or another hard surface. Cork doesn’t glide easily, but the cushion they provide is great protection. Choose cork pads if your goal is to prevent movement.

• Towels
This is a great DIY option, especially if you’re in a pinch! Grab an old towel and cut it up into small pieces that will just cover the bottom of your furniture legs. Like felt, they’ll allow your furniture to move easily across the floor, and the material is nice and soft on hardwood and other types of flooring.

• Leather
Leather is a pricier option, but it works well for high-end flooring as well.

• Plastic
If you’re dealing with carpet, plastic is a better choice than the ones listed above. Plastic mats can be a little unsightly, but they do the job of keeping your carpet protected and smooth.

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