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If you’re looking for a way to smarten up your home quickly and effectively, look no further than these quick decorating tips that actually make a difference.

• The corner plant; avoid making it look like an after though by putting a large, leafy plant in the corner with a decorative container
• A signature paint colour; if you’ve found a great paint colour that you love, don’t be afraid of using it again
• Hide your technology; from TVs to small cables, tucking everything away neatly and attractively makes a huge impact and turns the focus to your decor
• Throw blankets and cushions; never underestimate the power of a great throw blanket and decorative cushions, especially if they’ve got great colours and textures
• Not rushing the space; one of the best interior design tricks is to decorate your space over time with objects you’ve been collecting rather than rushing it all at once to give your space a naturally put-together feel

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