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Over the past few years, homeowners in Guelph and the surrounding areas have moved away from carpet floors to flooring materials like hardwood and laminate for a more modern look. But carpet is about to make a comeback, and here’s why.

1) Insulation

Carpet flooring offers great insulation, for both sound and temperature. This is great news for people in colder climates, like us, where cold weather is a concern.

2) Safety

If you have small children or elderly parents living in your home, flooring is a great option. Carpets can be less slippery than other kinds of flooring, helping to prevent falls. If falls do happen, carpets and their underlayers provide a cushion to soften the fall.

3) Style

Carpet is one of the most varied flooring types when it comes to style. From different colours to beautiful patterns and beyond, it’s easy to show off your decor personality and match your carpet to your decor style to get the look you want.

4) Durable

Carpet is one of the most durable flooring options, as long as it is cleaned and maintained properly. If you’re looking to invest in your home, carpet is the perfect choice and will last for years.

5) Easy to maintain

Most homeowners think carpet can be a maintenance nightmare, but that’s just one of the misconceptions about carpet floors. Even if you have pets, carpet just needs to be vacuumed regularly to keep it clean. Carpet manufacturers have specific cleaning products for deeper cleans and stains, so it’s easier than ever to keep your carpet looking great.

6) Varied price

There are carpets to fit every budget. Hardwood floors may seem like a higher-end flooring option, but there are plenty of high-end carpets out there.

7) Sense of luxury

Have you ever been in a hotel room with hardwood or laminate floors? There’s probably a reason for that. Carpet provides a feeling of luxury that you can’t always get from harder flooring materials, and they make a room feel cozy and warm.

If you’re interested in carpet flooring, request a flooring quote from Bigelow Flooring in Guelph.

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