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Renovating any part of your home can be an overwhelming experience, but it is also very rewarding. Whether you’re renovating your floors, updating your kitchen or gutting your whole home, follow some of our tips so you can survive the renovation.

Choose all the details before you start

Sit down and figure out your budget upfront. From there, you’ll be able to choose what you can and can’t afford to include in your renovation, without any surprises. If possible, work with an architect or contractor to draw up a plan for your renovation so you can get a more accurate estimate for how much the reno will cost.

Budget for some additional expenses

The rule of renovations is that they almost always cost more than you think, especially when it comes to large-scale renovations. Make sure you add at least 20% onto your budget, so that you can make up for spending a little bit more here and there.

Set a schedule

Before you start your renovation, talk to your contractor about a schedule. Make sure it works with your routine, so that you don’t have builders showing up before you’re out of bed. If you’re living in the home during the renovation, talk to your contractor about expectations for cleanup at the end of each day.

Stick to your plan

Before the renovation even starts, make sure you are getting everything you want. Making last-minute decisions about decreasing a room size or adding more features can not only impact your budget, but it can really throw off the rest of the renovation.

Choose accents early

As early as possible, head to the store to choose accents such as lighting, countertops, windows and others. There can often be long wait times for these kinds of items because sellers don’t carry huge inventories and lots of items have to be ordered. Ask your contractor what exactly you will need to choose and the date they need them by, so you avoid any stalls in the renovation process.

Be prepared for mess

Your home will likely be disorderly and dusty for a few days or weeks, depending on your renovation. Just keep in mind this is only temporary and you will soon be left with a beautiful new hardwood floor, kitchen, bathroom or home!

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