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Have you ever considered installing wool carpet? We think you should. It’s not as common as synthetic carpet because it’s more expensive, but it’s also better quality. Here are some reasons why wool flooring might be exactly what you’re looking for from a carpet:

Stain resistance. The texture of wool carpet naturally repels liquids better than synthetic carpets, making it harder to stain.

Durability. The fibres are stronger and will last longer than other carpets.

Sustainability. Wool is natural, renewable, biodegradable, and takes less energy to produce than it’s synthetic counterpart. If you are conscious about the environmental impact of your flooring, wool is an excellent choice.

Options. You can purchase 100% wool, or you can choose different blends of synthetic and wool mixed. If you want some of the benefits of both or aren’t ready to make the investment but still want some of the features of a wool carpet, a blend might be your best option. It all depends on what you need and want.

Fire resistance. The composition of wool makes it fire resistance. It doesn’t catch fire easily, and it burns slowly.

Hypoallergenic. People who are allergic to wool are usually allergic to the lanolin, which is removed from all of our wool carpets. This makes it safe for people who are allergic to wool.

Luxury. For those who can afford it, it’s just more luxurious. It’s soft, warm, and will feel really nice on your feet!

Next time you’re shopping for carpet, don’t rule out wool carpet because of the price tag. It has a lot of benefits that make the extra money worth it.

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