Things You’re Doing to Ruin Your Wood Floors

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• Not making use of rugs or welcome mats
Especially in entryways, your wood floor would really benefit from having a welcome mat or area rug. You want to do everything you can to avoid tracking in too much dirt, water or anything else you might pick up outside that could do damage to your floors.

• Keeping your rugs in place with tape
Area rugs, while a beautiful design choice, can be pretty annoying on a hardwood floor, especially in high traffic areas. They can move around quite a bit, but resist the urge to use double-sided tape to tie them down. It could do serious damage to your floor.

• Not using furniture pads
This is especially dangerous in areas like dining rooms, where chairs are constantly being pushed around, in and out from the table.

• Improper cleaning
Some people think that overloading a mop with water is a great cleaning solution–but it’s terrible for hardwood floors, which will buckle and warp with too much water.

• Leaving it too late
Hardwood floors require maintenance, from regular cleaning to the occasional refinish. Waiting too long to do either of these things could cause irreversible damage to your floor.

• Avoiding trimming your pets’ nails
Pets are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to scratching hardwood floors. Limit the amount of scratching they can do by regularly having their nails trimmed.

We hope you enjoy your hardwood floor for years to come!

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