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Home renovations are an exciting time, but they can be pretty stressful for any homeowner. One of the best ways to cut down on your anxiety is to make sure your beautiful floors are protected during a home renovation.

Preparation is key

If you’re doing a smaller home reno project, such as painting, there are tons of options for protective films to cover your floor. You can buy self-adhesive films so you don’t have to worry about fooling around with tape, which are great for pretty much any flooring material.

Pay special attention to high traffic areas

If you’re moving a lot of furniture or building materials in certain areas of your house, make sure you pay special attention to covering the floors in those areas. Lots of foot traffic and heavy objects can wreak havoc if you’re not prepared, so consider covering your floor with a thicker material like a rigid plastic protector or using extra tape around the edges, even if you’re using a self-adhesive film.

Make sure you pick a floor covering that’s right for your floor

Some flooring materials–like stone, tile, laminate and engineered wood–are more delicate than others when it comes to scratching. These surfaces should be covered in a plastic sheet or an anti-slip cover. And if your flooring itself is a new reno, make sure you have a permeable membrane between the floor and the covering so it has room to breathe and dry out if necessary.

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