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Carpet is a great choice for bedrooms – it’s soft, warm, cozy and insulates well. But if you’re looking for something a little different, try one of these bedroom flooring options.

Tile is a great option for people who are lucky enough to live in a warm climate! It will keep the room cool, and is also really easy to install and clean.

Hardwood flooring has the benefit of being softer than tile – which is important in a room that you’re often in barefeet! It’s also warmer. For an added design element and added softness, rugs can easily be added to a room with hardwood flooring, and hardwood is naturally beautiful.

Cork is one of the softest materials of flooring that isn’t carpet. It’s also great for heat and noise insulation! Cork flooring is low maintenance, as long as the seal is applied properly when it’s installed, and is almost immune to stains. Add to that its anti-microbial and anti-static qualities (which contribute to good indoor air quality), and you’ve got yourself the perfect bedroom floor.

We’ve been pretty vocal about our love for vinyl flooring! It’s exceptionally versatile, with its ability to mimic almost any kind of flooring imaginable in appearance. It can also be really soft underfoot, with the right padding underneath. It’s low maintenance, especially in lower traffic areas like bedrooms, and can last up to 20 years.

Laminate flooring will give you the look of hardwood without the price, maintenance or potential for damage. The top layer means it repels stains and damage, and underlayment padding options mean you can make it soft and insulated.

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