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When it comes to flooring options, many homeowners think their choices for bathroom flooring are limited. While it’s true that some flooring types should be avoided due to potential moisture issues, there are still lots of great, varied options!


Vinyl is low cost and practical, and is also comfortable on the feet. It’s a great choice if you want something that’s easy to maintain but that also looks great, because vinyl flooring comes in a variety of looks. And it’s not overly slippery, which is essential in a bathroom.


Similar to vinyl, laminate flooring is durable and easy to keep clean. But if your bathroom floor is often drenched–whether from rambunctious kids or mischievous pets–you may want to avoid laminate. Water can seep through into the core and cause expansion and buckling.

Stone Tiles

Limestone, marble, granite, slate: the options for stone tiles are endless, and so are the colours. From soft creams and blues to more bold reds, greens and golds, stone tiles can match any style. Experiment with textures like tumbled, sandblasted and etched. Stone tiles require a bit more maintenance than the options listed above, like regular cleaning and sealing.


Porcelain tiles are made from clay and minerals, making them water-resistant and perfect for high moisture areas like bathrooms. They can get chipped, but the great thing about porcelain tiles is that the colour runs all the way through, so chips aren’t obvious.


Glass may seem like a dangerous choice for a room that sees a lot of water on the floor, but choosing a textured glass tile can actually be a great bathroom floor choice. The texture will prevent slipping, and glass tiles give the illusion of depth and a stained-glass effect if you choose a coloured tile.


Linoleum’s composition makes it naturally antibacterial – and great for bathrooms! They’re also dust-repellent and colourfast, so whatever one of the varied colours or patterns you choose, it’s bound to last.

If these options seem a bit overwhelming to you, come into Bigelow Flooring and let us help you choose the right floor for you!

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