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For many homeowners, creating a beautiful and unique space inside your home that represents your personality is a priority. If you’re looking for new and inventive ways to use flooring, look no further than these fun ideas:

1. Create visual interest with wall tile

Tiled walls don’t have to be relegated to the kitchen and bathroom. A tiled wall can make a beautiful focal point in a bedroom or living room, especially if you choose a patterned or coloured tile. This is a great alternative to wallpaper, and tile is much more durable.

2. Upgrade your bathroom with contrasting tile

Bathrooms typically involve many tiled surfaces, from walls to showers to floors, and even countertops. There’s a lot of room to get really creative with your tiles in a bathroom, and we recommend choosing a different tile for your walls versus the floor to create some contrast. You can choose tiles in contrasting shapes, styles, colours or sizes — whatever fits your personal design style best.

3. Update your fireplace with tile

If your fireplace is looking a bit dated, but you don’t want to do a full renovation, consider updating the surround and mantel with tile. This type of upgrade can change the whole look and feel of your living room, and it will create a fireplace that’s like no other.

4. Make a big first impression in your entryway

Entryways are one of the most overlooked places in our homes when it comes to flooring, even though it can have the biggest impact on guests. Consider creating some definition in your entryway by using a different flooring material than the rest of your house. We love the look of alternating dark and light parquet floors for entryways!

5. Turn your floor into the focal point

The flooring in your home should never be an afterthought, and sometimes it can even be the most visually interesting part of a room. Picking a bold pattern in a vintage-inspired tile for your kitchen and bathroom floor, while keeping the cabinets and floors simple, is a great way to draw people’s eyes to your gorgeous floor.

If you’re looking for more flooring ideas, visit Bigelow Flooring’s showroom in Guelph. Our experienced team will help you choose the best floor for your home!

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