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For anyone who has a pet, you know they’re a very important part of your family! But sometimes they can be a little messy. It’s not just the potential for bathroom disasters you have to worry about when trying to keep your floors clean – pet hair can also be very messy.

There are a number of ways to clean your floors if they’re covered in pet hair.

Carpets can be the hardest to clean when you have pets – especially when it comes to their hair. To keep it clean, grab a pumice stone and rub it gently on the surface of the carpet. All of the hair will get gathered up with this motion, and you’ll be able to dispose of it in one fell swoop. Always be careful when doing this: you don’t want to scrape so hard that it ruins your carpet.

For really stubborn pet hair, you can use your vacuum. Run it over the carpeted area twice–once in each direction–and you should be able to get most of the culprits.

Microfibre mops are your best option for hard floors like wood, laminate, tile and vinyl. Using a vacuum will only blow the hair around, while the microfibre will trap the hair and make sure it doesn’t get away.

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