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We love nautical decor for the summer, especially for cottages! As with any themed space, the type of floor you choose either makes or breaks the look of the room. Here are some recommendations if you want to create that breezy, seaside look into one of your rooms (or your entire space!).

• Hardwood
Hardwood floors are a natural choice for the nautical theme because of the way they mimic the floor of a ship or a dock. The best floor for a beachside look is antique, distressed or hand-scraped hardwoods. As for colour, anything from white to medium brown will work well.

• Laminate
Because the appearance of wood is such a great idea for the nautical theme, we don’t recommend straying too far! But if you want something a little more budget-friendly, laminate works just as well aesthetically. Go for the same colours as you would for hardwood.

• Carpet
Carpet may seem like a strange choice for a seaside look. But if you choose something light in colour and highly textured (we’re thinking berber!), it will really go with the rustic, nautical theme.

Keep checking our blog for more flooring ideas for themed rooms and homes!

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