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There are many myths and old wives’ tales that exist about how to properly maintain your hardwood floors. We invite you to test your knowledge with this true or false quiz, and set the record straight.

If my floor is scratched or beginning to show wear, there is nothing I can do about it.


There are a couple of options you may consider.

  1. The process of screening and recoating will rejuvenate and prolong the life of your hardwood floor.
  2. If damage is only in a small area, replacement boards may help to bring your floor back to life.

I can use a DIY solution made of vinegar or ammonia to clean my hardwood floors.


Vinegar’s acidity can lead to etching in the wood’s surface and ammonia will discolour, deteriorate, and dull the finish. Worse yet, using a DIY solution will void the warranty of your hardwood floors. We recommend using a professional strength, non-toxic cleaner that is safe for pets and children, like the Bona Pro Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner (which we carry).

Mats and area rugs offer a great form of protection.


By placing mats or rugs at each entryway, you’ll effectively be trapping dirt and grit that might otherwise be tracked in. These tiny particles act like sandpaper and will scratch your floor over time.

In addition to entryways, cover areas where water may be splashed, such as near a kitchen sink. Be sure mats and rugs are specifically designed for hardwood floors, and avoid using rubber-backed or non-ventilated options that may cause damage or discolouration.

I should never use a vacuum cleaner on my hardwood floors.


A vacuum cleaner is very useful to pick up dirt in between planks and other hard-to-reach areas. However, be sure it does not have a beater bar which can damage your hardwood floors. A good quality broom and a microfibre cloth should be the first tools you reach for to protect your floors, followed by the less frequent use of a vacuum cleaner.

If I need to move heavy furniture, I should use protectors.


Be sure to place felt pads and protectors under couches, tables, and chair legs. Whenever needing to move heavy furniture, try to lift rather than drag to avoid scuffing or scratching.

If I spill wine on my floors, I should immediately clean up with a wet mop.


A soaking wet mop is your hardwood floor’s worst enemy. Since wood naturally expands when it is wet, excessive water can cause your floor to swell, crack, or splinter. Instead, use a slightly damp microfibre cloth or the Bona Pro Series Hardwood Floor Mop (which we carry).

We hope this quiz helped you debunk some common myths and sharpen your knowledge when it comes to helping you maintain your hardwood floors in tip-top shape. If you have any questions, get in touch with the team at Bigelow Flooring today.

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