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We love keeping on top of floor trends, but sometimes there are so many that they can be hard to keep track of. Check out these top flooring trends for 2015.

The Wider the Plank, the Better

People who are choosing hardwood floors are going more and more toward wide planks. At one time, 6 inches was considered wide for wood floors, but now we’re seeing as wide as 8 inches. And they’re not just used for rustic interiors either – wide plank floors are becoming commonplace in modern homes and traditional homes alike. Many people like wide plank floors for their clean look, as they appear less busy than floors with narrow planks.

Lots of Texture

While smooth hardwood floors still have their uses and they’re certainly not going anywhere, there has been a huge increase in the popularity of wire brushed and hand scraped wood flooring. These types of floors are great for their added style, as well as their ability to hide damage.

Grey Tones

It used to be that hardwood only came in one colour: brown. Now, with advanced technologies and the desire for something different, grey hardwood floors are becoming more and more popular. Greying wood is done through a process called fuming, which can make the wood as dark or as light as you want.

The options for hardwood floors are endless! And for something really different, try all three of these trends together for your Guelph home!

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