Benefits of Tile Floors in Kitchens

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Planning a kitchen renovation? One of the best options for flooring in kitchens is tile. Here’s why:

1) Long-lasting: Tile lasts a long time, because of their hard surface and durability. Whether you choose ceramic or porcelain for your kitchen, both are long-lasting materials that will stand up to a lot of wear. If you’re a frequent cook, this is a great choice for regular use of your kitchen – just make sure to maintain it properly.
2) Range of options: Aside from the choice of material, you also have a lot of options with tile floors when it comes to things like colour and style. It’s a great option if you want to mimic looks like hardwood in your kitchen but want the durability of tile. Plus, tile will match almost any decor style.
3) Little maintenance: Tile floors, especially those that are glazed, don’t require lots of heavy duty maintenance. For kitchens, this is great because water and spills don’t require immediate clean up like they do with hardwood. A simple soap and water solution will do the trick when cleaning tile.

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