How to Change the Colour of Your Hardwood Floor

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If you have solid wood floors and are looking for a change, the great news is that you can often change the colour of your floors without replacing them! Here’s how.

1) The floor is sanded with a sanding machine. This removes makes your floors smooth and prepares your floor to properly absorb the stain.
2) The stain is added. You can choose to go natural with your floors in which case you would not add a stain. You can lighten your old floor with a lighter stain, or darken it with a dark stain. Just be aware that different stains come out differently on different types of wood.
3) The polyurethane coat is added, typically in two or three coats. The polyurethane smooths the floors. Choose the type of finish or sheen you want (matte, satin, semi-gloss or glossy), depending on your style and needs.

How light you can stain your floor depends on the type of wood you have. Maple is lighter than white oak, for example, so always consult your flooring professional to get the look you want.

Check out the most popular species of hardwood floors, from Bigelow Flooring in Guelph.

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