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You’ve been dreaming about your wood floor for a long time now, and you can’t believe that it’s finally finished! But now that you have it, how do you decorate to complement it? Here are some of our tips!

Soften and Add Texture with Rugs
Hardwood can be hard on the feet, so adding a rug to your new hardwood floor is a great way of softening up the floor. Rugs are also great for separating one room into distinct spaces, and anchoring chairs and other pieces of furniture to a group.

Be Bold with Style
Wood flooring can be a traditional choice for flooring. But that doesn’t mean the rest of your decor has to be! Contrast the natural, traditional look of hardwood with super modern furniture and fixtures for a really fashion-forward look.

Stay Away from Matching
One of the hallmarks of modern design is being able to mix textures, colours and patterns while maintaining a unified look. It’s easier than it sounds! Be daring and try not to pick pieces made of the same colour wood as your floor, but that complement each other. This is the perfect way to get that eclectic look.

Hardwood can look harsh and hard – that’s just the nature of it! Soften up the room not only with plush rugs, but other fabrics like bedding and throw pillows as well. Lambswool and sheepskin rugs really look great against a beautiful wood floor, without taking away from it.

Balance the Darkness
Do you have dark hardwood flooring in a small space? Not to worry! Choose lighter furniture, like kitchen cabinets, paint your walls white (or another light colour), and make the most of the natural light you do have.

Shift the Focus
Hardwood flooring can be a beautiful focal point to a room. But it doesn’t have to be! Add some interest to your space with colourful, painted furniture and keep the floor as a backdrop.

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