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Whether you have children enrolled in post secondary education or you are simply looking for a new investment opportunity, student rental properties are increasing in popularity in the housing market today.

For rental properties with a high turnover, such as student rentals, it’s important to find a durable flooring option that will withstand high traffic and still look great. Before you put up the “For Rent” sign, make sure that your rental property flooring keeps looking its best.

Here are our tips for getting the most out of your rental property’s floor:

1. Avoid carpet
If not cared for properly, carpet will quickly show wear and tear. Issues such as lack of cleaning, excessive use, or pet-related issues, paired with high turnover can significantly reduce a carpets lifespan. This is why we suggest that landlords opt for a more durable flooring option.

2. Use Engineered Flooring Options
Engineered flooring is great for rental properties as they are especially durable. Engineered Stone Tile is one in particular that landlords enjoy as it is harder than traditional vinyl. Another benefit is that it is flexible enough to be set on uneven floors!

3. Invest in Maintenance
It’s important to invest in proper maintenance of your flooring to keep it looking it’s best. We suggest doing a thorough cleaning between tenants or if you have long-term tenants, scheduling maintenance at regular intervals. This will make increase the lifespan of your floor, eliminating costly replacements.

Following these three simple tips will help you protect your investment. If you have any questions about flooring options for your rental property give us a call. Our team is here to help you find the right flooring for your needs.

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