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Despite being pretty versatile and high quality, some homeowners are deterred from installing hardwood floors in their homes. Hardwood floors have a reputation for being delicate and not suitable for certain lifestyles. But hardwood can be a beautiful addition to any home! Here are the most common misconceptions about hardwood flooring.

Limited Colour Choices

The misconception that hardwood flooring only comes in about three colour choices probably stems from the fact that there are more popular choices for colour than others. Red and white oak are most commonly seen in homes, but there are actually a wide range of species, colours, patterns and textures available for hardwood floors. Plus, a lot of hardwoods can be refinished and stained if you want to change the look of them without having to replace them.

Not Suitable for Children & Pets

Because of the wide range of options for hardwood flooring, there is a type that will suit your lifestyle. If you have pets, consider a harder wood for the hallway and main living areas. A more durable hardwood floor is best suited to a kitchen, whereas softer woods can be used for bedrooms. Identify the needs of your household and choose a hardwood (or hardwoods) that will work for your spaces.

High Maintenance

Many homeowners think that hardwood floors make dirt and dust more obvious than other floors, making them higher maintenance. However, dirt and dust don’t show up any more on hardwood floors than they would on laminate, tile or any other hard flooring type. Plus, if you use the right cleaning materials, hardwood floors are easy to maintain and last a long time. Just be sure not to sop them with a soaking wet mop!

Find out more about how to maintain your hardwood floors or visit us at Bigelow Flooring in Guelph!

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