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Our customers regularly ask us, “What’s the best carpet choice for high traffic rooms?” Naturally, they want to make an informed decision when choosing carpet for their homes so that it will keep up with their lifestyles. If you are looking for the best carpet for high traffic rooms, read on.


Nylon is one of the most durable synthetic fibres available for carpeting. Not only is it stain-resistant, it’s also inexpensive and crush-resistant. If you have pets or children, nylon carpet is a great choice for high-traffic rooms in your home — and you can count on it lasting for up to a decade or longer.


Wool carpets are very durable, luxurious, and high-quality. Wool carpets come treated so that they are stain-resistant, but they should be professionally cleaned when the time comes. Wool is a natural fibre and a sustainable material. Wool carpets are also great for high-traffic areas and family rooms because they are really soft and warm!


Polyester is another great synthetic material that is stain-resistant and soft. It can also withstand crushing in busy areas of your home. However, polyester can be somewhat harder to clean than nylon.

What Type of Carpet Should I Avoid for High Traffic Areas?

Our recommendation is to avoid Berber carpeting varieties as they can snap in high traffic areas. Loops can be easily snagged by toys and pet’s nails, and should be avoided in those instances.

Our Top Recommendations

Cut and loop are great choices for high traffic areas. If a piece catches, it can be snipped discreetly, if you catch it early enough. This is important to do before you vacuum as vacuuming can aggravate any loose pieces and make the situation worse.

Another important factor to consider when choosing carpeting is carpet padding. Choosing an underpad with the correct density will increase comfort and extend the life of your carpet.

When it comes to choosing the right carpet material and padding for your home, we are always available to help you. We know that every family — and home — has individual needs.

Contact or visit the flooring experts at Bigelow Flooring in Guelph and we will be happy to answer all your questions!

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