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Whether you’re deciding between hardwood, laminate, tile, carpet or any other kind of flooring, one of the most popular and long-lasting trends for flooring has been dark flooring. Dark flooring includes dark to medium browns and of course, black. And while it might seem like the wrong choice if you’re into bright and airy spaces, dark floors are easy to work with in any home.


When choosing your wall colour, first you have to consider: do I want them to contrast with the floors, or complement them? This is entirely a personal preference, as either option works well with a dark floor. Choosing a light-coloured paint for your wall not only makes the space appear larger, but it makes both the walls and the floors stand out on their own. If you have a smaller space, a light coloured wall might be the way to go. But if you want a more neutral look, dark walls are a great option, as it makes the walls and floors blend into one another more easily.

Window treatments

In rooms like living rooms and bedrooms, the windows are often a main focal point, so choosing a good window treatment – whether it’s drapes, curtains or shades – is important to the room’s overall design scheme. If you have a great view from large, open windows, choose window treatments that contrast with the floor. This draws peoples’ eyes through the windows. For smaller windows, you can choose window treatments that match the dark floor, especially if a view isn’t a concern.


Because furniture sits directly on top of your floor, it affects the look of your floor. If you want a neutral look to the space, choose tables that blend with the colour of your floor. If you’re looking to add light to your space and add contrast, make sure you choose light coloured furniture – the same rule applies to wood furniture and upholstery.


Accessories bring the whole look of a room together. Whether it’s a fireplace mantel, wood trim, or wall decorations, there are lots of options for decorating with dark floors. For trim, choose a contrasting colour if you want to accentuate your windows and doors. If you want your fireplace mantel to be a centrepiece, choose a colour similar to your floor.

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