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Whether you have a small space or a room in your home without big enough windows, there are a couple of tricks you can try to lighten up your space, short of a complete remodel!

Get creative with curtains: Make sure there is enough space on either side of your window to draw the curtains back all the way, so you’re not obscuring the light during the day
• Enlist Scandinavian decor: This decorating trend relies heavily on all-white and natural wood tones, so it’s easy to lighten up the space, especially if you choose a light hardwood floor
• Use a mirror: If you can, set it up on a wall facing your windows, as it will reflect the light back into the room, giving you more light without having to add another window
• Lights: From floor lamps to ceiling lights and table lamps, there are tons of options for lighting and you’ll likely to be able to find lights that fit any style or look
• Don’t clutter: If your space is small, try not to overwhelm it with large furniture and lots of different pieces. Stick to a simple arrangement of furniture and cut anything that isn’t necessary

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